This is Abhi Balakrishnan.

I hail from Thrissur, live in Toronto, and I love my family, and friends.

I know myself as a person who loves music, playing, dancing, and creating silly things. You may know me as a friend, neighbor, colleague, family, or as a random person. As such, you all have experienced different flavors of me.

I love entertaining kids through music, dance, stories, poems, magic, tricks, and games. People close to me know that. My residence association recently started arranging people gatherings, and I frequently perform there.

Working as an application security professional was a dream for me; I achieved that. I also wanted to take my mom in an airplane, which also stands achieved. Hopefully, in the near future, I would be able to go on a vacation in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, or Kerala with my wife and son.

I already told you that I love creating silly things. I do that because I also learn many things. This year, I learned to play Ukulele, perform some magic tricks, and draw things on my tablet. They say everything will look like a nail if you have a hammer. I always try to combine my knowledge in various domains to remix things.

AppSec is a pretty serious business. I try my best to control myself from sharing my crazy inventions, and jokes with the AppSec world. But sometimes they slip out of my hand – like the following song: InfoSec Titanic

People may say it’s not professional. But hey, that’s me!

Did I tell you about my life in Silicon Valley? I met some amazing people there. We’re creating the world’s first black girl superhero in cyberspace. Her name is CyReina. You will hear more about her at I wrote some superhero stories as part of this project.